From Farm to Table Connecting the Links

We believe the power of food is something that unites and strengthens us as a community and as people. It is best served in the hands of organic growers who understand the earth and respect it.

BluDog Organic Consulting teaches small scale organic farmers forward thinking business practices through understanding the impact of basic marketing techniques.

We bring together small-scale organic farmers with businesses that are operating with integrity and like-mindedness. Our core intention is to benefit family scale organic farms while creating financial welfare for our local and rural communities and their urban counter parts.

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Marketing Your Farm -

Crop planning, post-harvest, labels, packaging, and presentation of your product are key and all a part of BluDog Consulting, core building blocks for furthering your sales.  

Yet Still there is more…

Are you interested in building a public facing farm? BluDog Consulting and their partners have a wide swath of experience that furthers the farm business. We can help you envision how to connect directly with communities near and far, far away.

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A Sense of Sense About Produce - Bird Dog Services

Dina Izzo, Founder of BluDog Consulting has 30 years in various seats of the organic produce industry. Her sense of knowing where crops of flavor stand  is a tangible advantage for buyers in retail, wholesale and restaurants.

When you need real time reports from the field, orchard or warehouse BluDog Consulting understands “the nose knows when the eyes lie” It is sniffing and tasting as well as measuring and quantifying that brings truly excellent produce home. 

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What's the Buzz & Happenings

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