Organic Farmer Education

BluDog Consulting, headquartered in Ben Lomond, CA, is an educational and strategic market support company that helps small scale and beginning organic farmers develop the crop plan through to the sell process. Our core services and focus have proven to be key components to profitability and longevity.

  • Crop Planning is infrastructure for your season’s progress and profitability. Knowing expected yields and harvest dates play a major role in marketing and sales. Your sales depend on accurate information for customers not only today but in the weeks ahead.
  • Post Harvest Handling is essential to market satisfaction. Although distinctly different, most all food crops have the need for cooling, cleaning, sizing and packing. Proper post harvest handling reflects quality and retains loyal customers.
  • Inventory Control is like your bank account. Without an accurate record you do not know how much money is in your cooler and storage, and in turn product rotation becomes compromised which most often compromises customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing is the opportunity for continued presence in the marketplace by creating long lasting impressions. Strategic marketing and positioning for optimum sales is achieved with creative solid strategies to attain and sustain attention in the marketplace.
  • Labeling is your identity stamp in the marketplace. More than just pictures and words proper labeling has specific information required to be visible on each package. The label gives your customers more information than just what is in the box and is your opportunity to understand your own unique approach.
  • Sales are the art of turning your product into money. Sales techniques vary, however the most successful sales strategies include product knowledge, matching product to customer, consistent quality, staying aware of current market conditions and a custom pricing program.

Public Facing Farm Marketing

BluDog Consulting incorporates initial marketing strategies and labeling in their core services listed under Organic Farmer Education. If however you are looking to advertise and turn your farm into a more community oriented and public facing farm, BluDog and their alliance partners offer a comprehensive roundtable to plan and bring the vision of your farm to life. The team we work with ranges from:

  • Public Garden Entrance and Congregation Area Design
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Packaging Design
  • Public Relations
  • Web Design
  • Event Productions (Including Seasonal Marketing Programs)
  • Product Display

Bird Dog Services

We have a bird dog service service that is unparalleled. If you are an organic restaurant that touts fresh local organic produce, a seasonal menu, or you are a wholesale buyer, we have a the top notch scout to bring the best to you!

  • Flavor is first! Produce is grown to be eaten and ENJOYED
  • Clear understanding of industry pack standards and quality
  • Effective communication with growers and packers that facilitate success
  • Timely fact based reports seasoned with BluDog Consulting's professional perspective

Public Education

Dina Izzo is a well known entity and longtime advocate of organic farming. As a public speaker and entertainer, Dina leaves audiences entertained, inspired and provides the seeds for solid growth.

Her thirty year career in the organic produce industry today provides a wealth of useful information to farmers, wholesalers and retailers. Dina is deeply involved with CCOF and can be heard via many of their webinars geared towards farmers merging into market and new markets.

If you are interested in booking Dina for a training or speaking opportunity, please contact us at






Client List

Agriculture and Land Based Training Association

Soil Born Farms

Capay Valley Farm Shop

Boulder Creek  Farmers Market

Good Eggs San Francisco

United Way with The Healthy Corner Store Project

Live Earth Farm

Old House Farm

Yellow Wall Farm

Frog Hollow Farm

Madrone Coast Farms

Hey Honey! Organics


Mariposa Valley Farm

Earthbeam Natural Food Store

Farmer-Vetran Coalition

Organica Fresh

Ecological Farming Association

Tiera Madre Farm

National Center For Appropriate Technology


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